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A Janitor Secretly Worked On This For 7 Years. No One Knew Til Now… And It’s Baffling Everyone.

Over 30 years ago, a man spent 7 years hand-drawing the most complex, unbelievable and probably unsolvable maze I’ve ever seen. His daughter recently posted the following photos on Twitter and, needless to say, the entire Internet is exploding with questions about her dad.

So who is the man behind it? A professor? A mathematician? A wizard? No, no, and no. The correct answer is… the university janitor.

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Turning a year older here @ Vikings :)

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Best part? NO SHARING 😍 #oreo #doublestuff #times3

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Boyfran @brydejesus’ #firstworldproblems Bahahaha!!! #cantdecide #barbie 😩